best cell boosters for 2degrees new zealand

Best Cell Boosters for 2degrees New Zealand

We will be discussing the best cell boosters for 2degrees in a bit, but let’s first take a brief look at the history of the 2degrees network in New Zealand. 

2degrees is one of the major network operators in New Zealand. Launched in 2009, it is a full-service telecommunication provider. It all started with getting the license for the 3G spectrum. With the cellular services of its own, it also helped bring down the cost of mobile phones to a great extent. Around 98.5% of the New Zealanders enjoy uninterrupted network services from 2degrees. 

But, in spite of so much coverage in the country, there are a lot of places where the 2degrees signals are very weak and 2degrees subscribers have problems getting decent reception to make and receive their calls, not to mention the terrible mobile internet speed. But, it’s not that those 2degrees subscribers are absolutely out of luck. There are best cell boosters for 2degrees that are built to help those customers get decent 2degrees signal reception.

If you are looking for a customized network solution for your 2degrees network issues, look no further. Mobile Boosters NZ has the perfect range of quality cell boosters for 2degrees. If you have a 3G network and are having issues with it, then you can check out our 2degrees 3G signal boosters. They all work effectively and offer a stable 3G signal reception. Similarly, you can take a look at our cell boosters for 4G/5G depending on your preferences.

2degrees Mobile Network Coverage

2degrees offers its cellular network services all over New Zealand. The services comprise 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signals. Understanding its network coverage will provide us with a better idea about what kind of signal booster you may need for your property where you are experiencing signal issues. Let’s have a look.

2G – The Second Generation

2degrees offers its 2G services in the entire country on the 900 MHz frequency band. 2G is voice services that let subscribers call and receive voice calls.

3G – The Third Generation

The 3G services are offered in almost every part, including Rangitata, Northland, Auckland, Gisborne, and Hinds. 3G offers a reliable network and offers a faster connection over longer distances. It lets you stream audios/videos faster than 2.5G. You can expect a speed of 7.2 Mbps for downloads and 2 Mbps for uploads.

4G – The Fourth Generation

The 4G network works 5 times faster than the third generation. It comes with reduced latency offering a better network for enhanced voice quality. For example, You can download a 2GB HD movie within 4-5 minutes over 2degrees’s 4G connection. The 4G network is available in almost every part including Auckland, Northland, Taranaki, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Hawke’s Bay, and Whanganui. 

5G – The Fifth Generation

The Fifth Generation is undoubtedly one of the fastest networks to be witnessed in the 21st century. In July 2020, 2degrees announced that it is planning to build an infrastructure for setting up a 5G network in NZ. But, there is a required number of mobile handsets to be available in the market for operating a 5G network. The company is focused on 4G right now for offering network services to rural areas and smaller communities. 

Benefits of 2degrees Cell Signal Booster

Let’s discuss a few benefits that you can enjoy with a 2degrees mobile signal booster. 

No More Dropped Calls

With a 2degrees cell signal booster, you are guaranteed to have no more dropped calls. The 2 degrees cell booster helps you enhance your 2degrees signals by up to 32 times that is quite strong to help you make and receive calls without dropping in between the conversation. 

Crystal Clear Voice

Since 2degrees enhances your poor signal to make it super strong so you won’t have to struggle with cracked voices and apologizing to your caller for not understanding what they are saying. You get all crystal clear voices from your caller with the help of the 2degrees cell booster.

Faster Internet Data Speed

This is the best reason why you need a 2degrees signal booster. People need faster mobile internet speed to enjoy their applications installed on their smartphones. But, the poor signal strength just doesn’t let people use the apps the way they should. So the 2 degrees cell boosters really help enhance the signal strength and help people enjoy their mobile applications and other stuff with high-speed mobile internet data.

Longer Life of Your Cell Phone and Battery

When you have weak signals around your house or office your phone keeps looking for the stronger signal that drains your phone’s battery. So, you need to charge your phone frequently and it reduces the life of your phone’s battery. Having a cell signal booster gives you a stronger signal and your phone doesn’t have to use its power to look for another strong signal tower. It saves your battery and hence you get more battery cycles on your phone.

Having a weaker/ unstable network?

Even the best networks can fail in certain situations. 2degrees offers some amazing cost-saving mobile plans for New Zealanders. But, what should you do in case of a network issue? You may receive poor signals in your home or have a weaker connection at your office. We have a permanent solution for all your network issues.

You heard it right. Mobile Boosters brings you a premium quality range of cell boosters, specifically for the New Zealanders using the 2degrees network. Mobile Signal Boosters are legal in New Zealand and can be utilized for achieving a stable network in a specific area. It works by catching the weaker signals in the forms of radio waves and boosting them. The increased signals are released in your network, providing you with a faster network.

Invest in a 2degrees cell signal booster now!

You can install a signal booster at several locations – your home, office or a studio. If you are looking for a larger area coverage like a mall or school, you can combine multiple cell boosters to work together. We have several happy customers who got mobile boosters installed on their farms/homes. The installation process is quite simple. You will find an instruction manual with the package.

It can be attached to the roof, offering you a stable network on the go. Take a look at our website to find the best cell booster which matches your requirements. You can contact our customer team for assistance. We are eager to help you. Enjoy uninterrupted fast internet connection and 2degrees mobile network at your house or office. Get your cell booster now!

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