2 degrees offer cellular and fixed-line services in New Zealand since 2009. It is one of New Zealand’s major cellular networks. It provides 2G, 3G, and 4G services in the country. 2 Degrees uses Vodafone networks for its users where it doesn’t have its own network coverage. 2 Degrees offers its voice (2G) on 900/1800 MHz frequency band and 3G on 850/900/2100 MHz. It uses a 700/1800 MHz frequency band to provide 4G services to its users. But like the other service providers in the country, 2 Degrees also doesn’t have strong coverage in the entire nation. To help 2 Degrees customers enjoy full-strength signals we provide single-band, dual-band, tri-band and quad-band 2 Degrees Signal Boosters. Our 2 Degrees signal boosters guarantee 32X signal enhancement instantly.

Our 2 Degrees Signal boosters are built to work on exact same frequencies used by the 2 Degrees network in New Zealand. Hence, you are guaranteed to experience the best quality voice and data signals with our 2 Degrees boosters.

How 2 Degrees Signal Boosters Help Improve Your Signal Strength?

It is no secret that 2 Degrees signals in New Zealand are spotty and customers always complain about frequent call drops and poor mobile data signals.

The signal booster, also known as a receptor or a signal amplifier, takes the available low signal from outside and enhances it to make it complete 5 bar signal strength to give you full signal strength.

The 2 Degrees signal booster also works in dead zones, and places where one can rarely make or receive a mobile phone call, because of extremely poor signal strength.

How to Choose Your Best 2 Degrees Mobile Signal Booster?

Choosing the right 2 Degrees signal booster is very important. Once you start doing your research, you will find a variety of signal boosters. But it is really hard to choose the best that can serve you for years without any hassle. Buying a signal booster is not the only thing but also it is important to ensure that you buy a CE certified signal booster.

Also, you should buy your 2 Degrees Signal Booster from a reputed company which also helps its customers in case of any problem. When you buy 2 Degrees Mobile Signal Booster from us you can rest assured of the best quality products. 3.7 million customers globally trust us for their signal boosting solutions.

Benefits of Using 2Degrees Mobile Signal Booster

With a 2Degrees Mobile Signal Booster you need not change your mobile numbers as you would get full signal for your existing career and need not change career. Whether you are using a pay monthly, prepay plan, or business plan this booster helps boost signals for all of them. Also, you need not worry about the terms and conditions of your career as it is completely legal to use in the country.

If you still can’t decide which Signal Booster should you buy simply contact us and we will help you choose the best 2 Degrees Mobile Signal Booster for your use.