There is a huge demand for mobile signal boosters in almost every country. The reason is poor signal strength in crowded, remote and many such areas. But, sometimes it requires more accessories than what comes in the package of the mobile signal booster.

Why You Need Additional accessories with Mobile Signal Boosters?

The answer to this question is that every person’s need is different. Every area is different. Hence, with the standard mobile signal booster, the accessories make it work more efficiently. For instance, if your area has a problem with electricity fluctuation then to prevent damage to your mobile signal booster device you might need a Power Surge Protector which will keep the fluctuations in check and safeguard your device from damage.

Similarly, there are a lot of accessories for mobile signal booster which help enhance the experience of the user.

Why these Accessories are Not included in the Package?

You can use a Mobile signal booster right out of the box with a simple installation. Many users don’t require these accessories. But in many cases, some users might have to buy the accessories to use the product to its full potential.

For instance, the Yaggi Antenna doesn’t come standard with the mobile signal booster package. And many users don’t need a Yaggi Antenna. But, in cases where mobile signal strength is very poor like in the congested locations, the Yaggi Antenna can be of great help.

The Yaggi high gain antenna increases the signal received by the repeater and is compatible with all our mobile booster repeater kits. This improves coverage area and signal quality by capturing a stronger input signal to be delivered to the signal booster base unit. You need to purchase this Yaggi if you are in areas of weak mobile signal or want to get the maximum gain out of your booster.

Check out our accessories page to see which accessory you need to enhance your experience with the mobile signal booster.

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