returns policy

All returns must be sent in original packaging. If boxes are not present we can not refund or exchange the items.

You have a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases from the date ordered.

Faulty Goods:

If your Mobile Phone Signal Booster product is faulty you are entitled to return it to us for a replacement subject to manufacturer warranties and timelines.

In order to process the return of a faulty good, please read the following carefully:

Returning Items:

All Items sent back will have a 20% restocking fee.

Free Returns

We offer Free returns if you cannot get the signal booster working.

There are some conditions to the free return as below.

  1. You must purchase a Yagi antenna and have a minimum signal of 3 Bars of the network that the booster was ordered for. So, if you ordered the wrong booster you must pay for return shipping and taxes that were incurred.
  2. If you cannot get the signal booster working you will need to work with us by sending photos of the installation and do any changes that we ask for so we can help get the gains you require.
  3. We will send you any new product that we deemed to be broken. If you can not get the booster working with the new parts then you can send it back for a full refund.
  4. You must send back the booster to our address provided along with the photo of the invoice for the shipping and we will refund the purchase price plus shipping once received. We can only take original invoices.
  5. Any unit that gets returned by the courier will have to be paid by customer. This usually costs a lot more than the parcel price and will get destroyed, No refunds will be given if this happen.
  6. If you order a unit from us and then refuse delivery which gets sent back to us, You we will have to Pay for shipping and restocking fee of 20%. As we have to pay to ship to you.


  1. Once there is an issued tracking number no refund can be given. You must returned by you to receive.
  2. We can not change delivery address once tracking number has been issued.
  3. If you do not pay the booster import fees the booster will be returned. This will be classed as destroyed and no refund can be given.
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