benefits of mobile phone signal repeater

Benefits of Mobile Phone Signal Repeater

No matter what the cellular providers advertise about the goodness of their services, dropped calls are still a major problem for a large number of people. This problem is still big even when the cellular carriers are continuously adding up more and more towers to their network. So, now if you are wondering what is the solution to that, we have the perfect answer for you. That right solution comes in the form of a mobile phone signal repeater. Before we discuss the mobile phone signal repeater in detail let’s first see what made them come into play.

You already know that cellular service providers offer their services through a network of cellular towers. These towers are strategically placed in order to cover as much area as possible. Your phone connects to the nearest cellular tower in order to get your mobile signal. The cellular towers ensure that your connection remains stable as long as your mobile device can continue hopping to the next closest tower as you move.

Why Mobile Signal Issues Arises in First Place?

This is all basics of how a mobile device connects to the nearest cellular tower to get you connectivity. So far so good, but the real issues of cellular connectivity arise here. You notice that sometimes your phone is unable to connect to the cell tower your phone shows a no signal reception sign. Sometimes you get a dropped call situation or just one or two bars signal strength on your mobile.

This is because your device isn’t able to maintain a consistent connection being too far from the nearest tower or some hindrances in between your device and the nearest signal tower.

Distance from the cellular tower is not the only factor that contributes to poor connectivity and dropped call problems. Other factors like the foliage, concrete buildings, metal structures, weather conditions, etc., also contribute to the problem.

In addition to the above, electronic devices that are energy efficient also add to this problem. Now for any reason, if you are experiencing any sort of mobile signal issues the best way to get rid of that is to use a mobile phone signal repeater. A mobile phone signal repeater helps you ensure that your mobile connection stays strong at all times.

Understand the Mobile Phone Signal Frequencies

Mobile service providers offer their Voice, 3G, 4G, 5G signals on different frequencies. For instance, in New Zealand 2 Degrees, Vodafone, Spark, and Skinny offer their Voice signals on 900/1800 MHz frequency. Whereas the 3G signal is offered on 850/900/2100 MHz and the 4G signal on 700/1800 MHz frequency.

Mobile Phone Signal Repeater – One Right Solution to All Mobile Signal Problems

Mobile phone signal repeaters, also known as cell phone boosters are small electronic devices to help boost your mobile signal. These devices are specifically designed to address the factors which are to blame for poor cell phone signal reception.

These devices are able to amplify a weak outside signal by bypassing any obstructions that cause problems in mobile signal reception. With a mobile signal repeater, an area that has poor mobile signal connectivity can have a strong signal. This way the residents of the house or the workers in the office can enjoy strong signal connectivity all the time.

Mobile phone signal repeaters come in different types. These repeaters work on different frequencies. For instance, you can buy a repeater to enhance your voice signals. Also, you can buy repeaters for enhancing your 3G signal or 4G signal. Or you can buy a repeater that boosts all types of signals.

Mobile phone signal repeaters come in different capacities. For instance, on our website, you can buy repeaters that can cover 300 SQM, 500 SQM, 1000 SQM, and 5000 SQM.

The boosters that cover 300 SQM can support 6 users, 500 SQM supports 10 users, 1000 SQM supports 25 users, and 5000 SQM repeater supports 250 users.

How Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Works?

A mobile signal repeater comes with two antennas – external and internal. An external antenna is also called an outdoor antenna and an internal antenna is an indoor antenna. As you can guess from the names the outdoor antenna is to be placed outside your building and the indoor antenna is inside the building. The way in which the mobile signal repeaters work is pretty simple.

You need to install an outside antenna in a location that has at least one or two bar signals. Mostly the outdoor antenna is mounted on the roofs as they are the highest place in the house. A repeater unit and internal antenna are installed inside the building where you need a strong signal. With the help of a cable, the outdoor antenna is connected to the repeater unit and with another cable, the internal antenna connects with the repeater.

The outdoor antenna receives a signal from the outside and sends it to the repeater. The repeater boosts the signal is passed from the outside antenna to a signal amplifier that is located inside. Once amplified, the signal is sent to an inside antenna from where it is broadcasted out to the area that requires better reception. It is quite simple, straightforward, and effective.

How to Install a Signal Repeater?

The mobile phone signal repeater is very simple to install and you can install it in less than 20 minutes. The entire kit comes packed in the box. All you have to do is open the box and install it. It is a simple screw-fix solution and requires no technical skill to install it.

If you have any questions do get in touch with us. Be assured that all your questions will be answered to your satisfaction. Now you have no reason to struggle with a poor mobile signal. Buy yourself a mobile phone signal repeater that best fits your needs and enjoy your mobile communication uninterrupted.

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