best cell signal boosters for spark new zealand

Best Cell Signal Boosters for Spark New Zealand

If you are wondering about Quality Cell Signal Boosters for Spark New Zealand, we have got you covered. Spark new Zealand Limited offers telecommunication, mobile network, and internet services in the entire country. Being one of the major network operators in New Zealand, it offers cellular services by its cell towers through radio spectrums. To save expenses, it merges the electric equipment with other cell towers instead of creating a separate one.

Spark became the first operator in New Zealand to offer a 4.5G network in 2016, which was like a ladder to reach 5G. In 2018, it launched a cell extensively to work on 5G. Live tests were conducted for the first time in New Zealand, for the fifth generation of the network. The tests ran in Wellington and Auckland, offering a speed of 9 gigabytes per second outside and 18Gbps in-house.  This speed is estimated to be 100 times faster than the data speed offered by most networks in New Zealand.

Spark as a Cellular Service Provider

Spark is a network operator transmitting data, voice calls, and content from one user to another. The transmission is done through radio cable lines that run across New Zealand. The three major network providers in New Zealand – Spark, 2 degrees, and Vodafone formed a Rural Connectivity Group. It focuses on offering wireless coverage to increase the reach of mobile and wireless broadband services in the rural areas of New Zealand. This is a part of the Government’s  Rural Broadband Initiative. 

Besides, Spark is an active investor in some international cables – the Southern Cross Cable system. The cables connect the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. On the other hand, the Tasman Global Access cable runs between New Zealand and Australia. To meet the network demands of New Zealanders, Spark is actively investing in 5G technology. At present, 5G has proved to be a stepping stone for entrepreneurs, developers, innovators, and users. Offering 5G services across New Zealand would be a huge success for Spark. 

Network Coverage

The Spark network offers network services to 97.5% of New Zealanders. If we look at the 3G network, it is available in almost every area, both urban and rural places. It covers parts like Christ church, Cheviot, Hammer Springs, Lake Sumner Forest Park, and Westport. 

The 4G network offers a faster internet speed and reliable network. It is advised to use smartphones that support 4G 700MHz for improved coverage. For specific areas, you can also avail of 4G HD calling services. It covers different areas in New Zealand, including Culverden, Rangiora, Reefton, Richmond, Nelson, and Blenheim.

The 4.5G works 3-5x fasters than the 4G network, depending on high-end devices. The fifth generation of the networks is the fastest New Zealanders have ever experienced. The download speed is expected to be 100x faster than the 4G network. It comes with lowered latency, faster internet speed, and more reliability. The 5G network is available in smaller parts of Auckland and Palmerston North.

Get more with Cell Boosters for Spark

Spark offers additional benefits to its customers along with its high-speed data network. The following list is a few benefits that you can reap by subscribing to the Spark network.

  • Netflix – If you get a Spark broadband Netflix plan or a similar mobile plan, you can get access to non-stop Netflix. Binge-watch your favorite movies and series.
  • Neon – Add a Neon subscription on selected monthly mobile plans or a broadband plan for $9.95 monthly.
  • Spark Sport – Watch your favorite sports with a Spark Sports subscription. Add it to eligible mobile plans or a broadband plan.
  • Spotify – Imagine getting Spotify premium included with your data plans. That’s right. Spark offers the same on eligible mobile plans.
  • Music – You can get access to early bird sales and get tickets even before they have released. When you subscribe to Spark plans, you get access to all the extra inside benefits. 
  • Xbox Access – If you love playing video games, you can add an Xbox console and a gaming subscription with your mobile plan for getting on with the game. 

Facing network issues?

With all the extra benefits, it would be annoying to have an unstable network or poor signals. Let’s say you bought a Netflix subscription plan and was eager to binge-watch. But the video just keeps buffering. Or you may face similar network issues while streaming music on Spotify. So, what is a permanent solution for all the network issues? Invest in a quality mobile signal booster.

A cell booster is a device that works by boosting the network signals. It catches the weaker radio waves, enhances it, and releases the increased signals in your network. This gives you a stable and faster network anytime, anywhere. You can get a mobile booster depending on your network. If you have a 3G network, get a 3G Spark cell booster. For 4G networks, get a 4G cell booster. You can also invest in a universal 3G/4G booster that works for all the major network operators. 

Benefits of Cell Boosters for Spark

If you are wondering about how a cell booster will benefit you in the long run, we have the answer. 

  • No stutter videos
  • High-quality voice calls
  • High-quality audio/video
  • High- resolution visuals
  • No call- dropping
  • Faster download/upload speed
  • Smooth web browsing
  • High uplink and downlink power
  • HD voice/video calls
  • Play games at extreme graphics

Get your Cell Signal Boosters for Spark Mobile Now!

Mobile Signal Booster NZ offers you a premium range of quality signal boosters for Spark. You can check our website for more information regarding the products. A cell signal booster for Spark will enhance the data signals, offering you a stable network. The installation process is quite simple to follow. You can get a cell booster for your office, home, studio, or larger buildings like school and mall. We are excited to see you buying Cell Signal Boosters for Spark which performs exquisitely. Get your mobile booster now!

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