types of cell phone signal booster

Types of Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters are created differently based on many factors. Such as mobile network, area coverage, signal strength, usage limit, etc. However, all of them have the same function to perform. A huge variety and range of cell phone signal booster provide users with a rich experience and quality.

Signal booster can only work if there is a signal present in the area, no matter how weak it is. If there is no signal at all, the cell phone signal booster will not work.

I am going to discuss the major types of cell phone boosters in this article. These cell phone signal boosters are differentiated based on frequency, range, and carrier.

On the basis of Frequencies

For Medium to Large Frequency

These boosters cover the inside of a building, and their ranges vary from booster to booster. Frequencies refer to the strength of the signal. The boosters with more frequencies actually send stronger and better signals.  We have different types of signal boosters available here. Their frequency ranges from 700/1800 MHz to 850/900/1800/2100 MHz. You can choose from our variety of boosters by clicking here. Besides, we also have different brands of similar frequency boosters available on our website.

For Smaller Frequency

Although most of the vehicle signal, boosters are of the same range they vary accordingly. Some of them are the best fit for a bus, or motor home while others are perfect for cars. Smaller models of these boosters usually support only one connected device at a time. Their range is also limited. You can also find them on my site by clicking here.

On the basis of Carrier

Some of the carriers are widely used all over the world. As the carrier signals are pretty much better than the other ones. However, still there can be a signal problem felt worldwide because of so many issues. To get rid of pretty annoying signal problems you can check the large variety of the best cell phone signal boosters by clicking here.

You can also have a look at the giant variety of each of these boosters to find the most suitable booster for your mobile phone.

1-    Vodafone Mobile Signal Booster

2-    2 Degrees Signal Booster

3-    Spark Mobile Signal Booster

4-    3G Mobile Signal Booster

5-    4G Mobile Signal Booster

There is a huge variety of signal boosters for each carrier available on this site. They have different ranges and different frequencies.

On the basis of Range

Signal boosters vary based on their ranges too. It means how much distance they can cover. Some boosters have low ranges. For example, the boosters used in vehicles usually have low ranges. While the boosters used in the huge building have the greatest possible range. Some of them only cover a part of the home and some of them cover a range of completely huge institutes. For instance, some of them can cover the whole building while some can only cover 2-3 rooms at a time.

If you do not have an idea about how to choose a signal booster for your network and mobile phone then have a look at this: How to Choose a Signal Booster

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