how to choose a signal booster

How to Choose a Signal Booster?

A signal booster is used to enhance the already present mobile signal in the surrounding. There is nothing worse than having bad mobile signals especially when you need it. There can be several things stopping signals to reach you. It can be too many concrete buildings, a signal blocker, the issue with a signal provider or your cellphone which is not attracting signals towards itself. But when you want to buy one you need to choose a signal booster that helps you get rid of your mobile signal problems.

Best Ways to Choose a Signal Booster

There are two types of signal boosters that are normally used. e.g. a home cell phone booster and a vehicle cell phone booster. Also, they are known as static signal boosters and moveable signal boosters. Former is for your home, office, building and its overall signal range is more than the later one.

While vehicle mobile phone signal booster is for your car, bus or public transport but its range is too less than home cell phone signal booster. As it only covers your vehicle and nothing around it. Home cell phone signal booster usually covers up to 5000 sq feet of distance.

Following is the criteria, which can assist you in order to choose a perfect cell phone signal booster for you.

Overall Coverage Area

Coverage area means the overall area you expect your booster to cover. It solely depends upon where you want to install the booster. If you want it in a huge building than of course you need a stronger and wider signal range booster.

But if you want it in your home then you need an average range signal booster. While for the vehicle there are separate mobile boosters from which you can choose any one of your choices.

If you are choosing a cell phone signal booster for your home or office then one thing to consider is their coverage range. Higher the max gain of a booster more will be the range.

Usually, the cell phone signal booster has 72db max gain which means they can cover the overall range of about 6000sq. feet. But there are signal boosters which cover only one room, and the ones which can cover the entire building.


Signal Strength

After finalizing the coverage area of your mobile phone. The next thing to consider is the overall signal strength that you need for your device. You have to determine the outside signal strength in order to install your mobile signal booster.

Climb on your roof, check inside the house or even take a walk around the home in order to find a place where the signals will be stronger. Because this will be the point where you should install your booster. A signal booster will get those signals and will enhance them for you.

Choose a Signal Booster Antenna

Antennas are installed permanently, so it is preferable that you install the best antenna which meets your requirements.

There are two types of antennas, unidirectional and directional. A unidirectional antenna is solely for urban areas. As it captures signals from all the directions and it has a very short range.

This antenna actually gathers the outside signal and then pumps it inside while increasing the overall signal quality.

A directional antenna has a longer range thus it is used for rural areas. It is directional which means it must be pointed in a specific direction with stronger signals.

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