mobile phone signal booster for home

Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home

We spend most of our time in our homes and make all sorts of personal calls using our mobile phones from home. Even we watch entertaining movies, serials, webisodes, etc., at home and most of the times use our mobile phones for the same. But, it is so annoying too when you want to make an important phone call, only to find that you don’t have enough signal strength to do so without interruption. This is because of the fluctuating or downright dim signal strength. And you notice that this is an ongoing problem in your area. But we have the answer to your problem. We have CE certified mobile phone signal booster for home that you can install in your home.

Once installed the problem of fluctuating mobile signals will be the thing of the past. These mobile phone signal booster for home can operate on single or multiple frequencies. These mobile phone signal booster for home can serve every person in your family regardless of their cellular carrier.

Installing of mobile phone signal booster for home is so simple, you can install it in less than 15 minutes. Probably your mobile carrier doesn’t care about your problems, but we do. That’s why we bring you mobile phone signal booster for home to make sure that you get 5-bar signal. We guarantee you that everyone in the family or even guests irrespective of their mobile carrier enjoy full-strength mobile signal.

Which Carriers are covered by the Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Home?

We have three types of mobile phone signal boosters which can be installed in homes. So, the first type of mobile phone signal booster is of a single band that works on different frequencies and covers one particular mobile phone carrier in New Zealand. Next, we have dual-band signal boosters that cover two or more than two mobile carriers. Whereas the tri-band mobile signal boosters are the highest selling mobile phone signal boosters because they cover every mobile carrier and work on every frequency band used in the country.

So, whether you are a Vodafone, 2 Degrees or Spark Mobile customer the Triband Signal Booster can cover you. These can also work on both 3G and 4G network.

How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home?

Electronic shops, online stores, marketplaces are all inundated with mobile signal boosters. There is no dearth of mobile boosters if you want to buy one. But, once you start doing a little research, you will see a variety of signal boosters you can choose from.

But, you should be careful in choosing the mobile signal booster which works on the same band and spectrum as your mobile carrier.

Also, check if the company you are buying your signal booster from is reputed or just another company selling signal boosters. In the case of online companies like us, you can check how long the company has been in business (we have been in business for 14 years now). Thousands of our customers are testimony of our service and products which have never failed to deliver what we promise.

Our mobile phone signal boosters go in a rigorous test for hundreds of hours in every weather condition.

When you are buying the mobile phone signal booster for home then first see how much area you want to cover. Next, you should see which mobile carriers you want to cover. For instance, if you want just one mobile carrier like Vodafone or Spark then the single-band mobile booster is enough for that. But, we recommend buying a signal booster that supports more than one cellular carrier, because it will help your guests also receive stronger signal strength.

And if you want to cover two carriers for instance Vodafone, and Spark mobile then you should go for a dual-band mobile signal booster. If you want to cover more than two mobile carriers then you should go for tri-band signal boosters.

We understand that figuring out which one to buy is still not easy, hence we have built a product wizard that helps you choose the right mobile phone signal booster for home.

Check out the Mobile Phone Signal Booster Product Wizard

The mobile phone signal booster for home reaches you is a complete kit that you can install within 15 minutes and start enjoying uninterrupted and high-speed connectivity.

In the last 14 years of our operations, we have sold over two million pieces of mobile signal boosters. And we are proud of the 100% satisfied customers.

We sell only CE certified products. You can buy from our range of Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for the home with confidence because we offer a 30-day return and a money-back guarantee.

Do not hesitate to contact us may you need any help in choosing the best product for your use. Our experts will be more than happy to help you buy the right mobile signal booster for your use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

How can I boost my mobile signal at home in New Zealand?

  1. Switch network provider. Mobile phone coverage varies by location.
  2. Take your mobile phone higher.
  3. Open a window to avoid the mobile signal obstructions.
  4. Go outside for better signal reception.
  5. Keep your phone battery charged.
  6. Avoid electronic devices that might interfere with the mobile signal.
  7. Hold your phone correctly for better cell reception.

Are mobile phone signal boosters legal in New Zealand?

Prior to 2018, using a certified mobile phone signal repeater was illegal, but in 2017, the NZ Telecoms Regulator, Radio Spectrum Management, made an important announcement. … They would allow consumers to use some approved mobile signal booster devices without needing a license.

Do mobile signal boosters work?

A cell phone booster works by pulling in weak signals, boosting it, and then rebroadcasting in your home.

Most signal boosters are a three-part system: The Outside Antenna to capture a weak cell signal. The Amplifier boosts the weak signal.

Which Mobile Signal Booster is Best for Home Use?

Choose a Mobile Signal Booster based on your network provider and the area of your house you want to cover. For instance, if you are on a Vodafone network and your house is spread over 1000 sqm then you should buy Pro Boost 4G Signal Booster

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