cell phone signal booster overview

Cell Phone Signal Booster-Overview

Cell Phone Signal Booster is a  small device that is used to enhance the already present signals. Due to an obstacle, and large distance, signals become weak in some places. And they eventually die after getting weaker. These things result in bad communication and negligible browsing speed. Cell Phone Signal boosters are also known as signal repeaters. As they repeat the signals and throw them with full power. Cell Phone signal boosters usually have the following four parts.

External Antenna

Internal Antenna



The antenna present in a signal booster is utilized to transmit as well as to get the signals from the signal tower. The gain of the signals from the tower and by the tower is always greater than 7db while its maximum is 11db. The next thing is the Amplifier.

An amplifier is used to lift the broken signals. The two antennas are simply used to catch and throw the signals. One of them catches the signal. Amplifier enhances those signals and the other antenna spread the powerful signals.

While on the other hand, an attenuator is simply used to make those signals free of any noise, distortion and unwanted frequencies. 

Cell phone signal boosters are available in many varieties. They vary from frequency to frequency. They are available in different ranges. Besides, different brands are offering signal boosters for different telecommunication devices. Which makes it far easier and better for a person to choose a booster according to his needs.

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How to get signals where is not even a single signal existing?

In rural areas, you can experience no signal at a time which is so very much frustrating. But in this era, there is a solution for everything. There are cell phone signal boosters that detect very mild or negligible signals and boost them up to 32X. They provide better 3G and 4G coverage no matter where you go.

Here we have 3G as well as a 4G signal booster which I am sure will fulfill your need. Usually, travelers use these amplifiers as it helps them out even in out of range areas.

Here you can read detailed guidelines, features, and advantages of the best signal boosters. All these boosters are available in our online shop at sales. Do not miss your chance to buy a perfect cell phone signal booster for your cell phone.

1-    Pro Boost 4G Signal Booster

2-    Home Elite 4G Signal Booster

3-    Home Pro 4G Signal Booster

4-    Power Max 4G Signal Booster

The maximum time delay is just 0.5 seconds. While the max gain of all these four amplifiers varies from 76 dB to 83 dB. With an average bandwidth of 25 MHz. Besides, the output power of these boosters ranges from 23 dBm to 27 dBm. All these come with easy step by step installation and can be installed on a wall. Even a noob with no knowledge can simply install this device anywhere in the house.

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