3 things you need to know before buying a mobile signal booster

3 Things you need to Know before Buying a Mobile Signal Booster

Mobile phone is the most important device we all carry around and it needs connectivity to make calls or browse the internet or play online games. But, the reality is that despite paying the mobile bills regularly you don’t get the expected signal strength from your cellular provider to make those important calls or browse mobile internet the way you want. Hence, buying a mobile signal booster is the only option left with you. This mobile signal booster will help you get complete 5 bar signal strength so that you can make the best use of your mobile phone.

What to Know Before Buying a Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

But, there are thousands of companies and brands selling mobile signal boosters, deciding which one to buy is a daunting task. But, here we are going to discuss three important things which you need to know before buying a mobile phone signal booster.

How Much Area You Want to Cover?

The effectiveness of any mobile phone signal booster depends on your outdoor signal strength. A cell phone signal booster is like a megaphone – it takes an existing signal and amplifies it. How much coverage you can expect depends on two factors i.e., how “strong” the outside signal is, and how powerful your amplifier is.

Poor signal areas like off-the-grid and remote places might need a more powerful booster to get any significant boost. Areas with strong signals may get away with a cheaper option, but your coverage can be greatly expanded with a more powerful amplifier.

First of all, you need to know what area you’re trying to cover. If you’re only interested in better signal in a single room, great. If you want it in your entire house, that’s also great. However, the booster you need will change depending on your square footage. You can choose to buy the mobile signal booster based on what area it can cover. Check out the Product Wizard Tool to select the best signal booster based on the area coverage.

Also, the mobile phone booster performance varies depending on the inside layout of your home. Open spaces generally have better booster coverage, while multi-walled & thick-material homes may have reduced booster coverage.

5 Bar Signal Doesn’t Mean a Full Signal

Cell phone signal strength is actually measured in decibels (dBm). Cell phone bars are subjective to the phone manufacturer so what maybe 1 bar of service on Vodafone could be 2 bars on EE Mobile or 3 bars on Three Mobile despite getting the exact same signal & performance!

-50 is considered a great signal (full bars) and -120 is considered a poor signal (dead zone). Most signal boosters work very well with -95 dBm or better outside signals. From -95 dBm to -120 dBm, a signal booster can work but results vary. So you need to check what frequency your cellular provider is offering and should buy the mobile signal booster working on the same frequency.

Is it legal to Use a Mobile Phone Signal Booster in Your City or Country?

Using a mobile phone signal booster in many countries is not legal. So, you need to first check if your country or city allows you to use a mobile phone signal booster. If it is legal to use a mobile phone signal booster in your country then go for buying one and always check for the guarantee and CE certificate of the product. By the way, it is completely legal to use mobile signal boosters in New Zealand. And you can confidently shop with us as we sell mobile signal boosters which are all CE certified.

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