vodafone signal booster everything you need to know about

Vodafone Signal Booster – Everything You Need to Know About

Like thousands of other people, if your property or business premises suffer from an unreliable, patchy mobile signal, one way to immensely improve this situation is to invest in a mobile signal booster, such as a Vodafone signal booster. A Vodafone signal booster guarantees to dramatically increase your voice call reception and 4G/3G data connectivity.

Causes of Poor Vodafone Signals

You must be wondering despite such an advanced technology what causes poor mobile signals?

There are a variety of reasons. Often, the issue is the distance from a nearby base station. These ‘mobile phone towers’ are where your handset will receive its signal from. If the base station is located miles away, the signal can become weak, resulting in poor cell reception. Similarly, mobile internet data also becomes increasingly difficult to access because of the poor signal.

However, there are times when you may be in a close range of a base station but still suffer from bad reception. This can happen because of factors like high-density brick walls, ‘faraday cage’ construction that blocks electromagnetic fields, the national environment (e.g. the landscape or turbulent weather), or the layout of a property.

This is why a Vodafone signal booster is the ideal solution for combating poor signal strength on your Vodafone mobile. The Vodafone signal booster is simple and works as an amplifier, collecting the original signal from the base station and then boosting the power before re-broadcasting it indoors. This lets you enjoy crystal clear voice calls and fast 4G/3G data connections, helping you access social media, favourite applications, and your important e-mail messages.

What is a Vodafone Signal Booster?

You do not need to have any major technical knowledge to install a signal booster. The system usually comprises of 4 parts:

  • An internal Antenna
  • An external antenna
  • An amplifier box
  • Cables to connect each part together.

The most difficult task is mounting the external antenna outside the property, but this can be completed quite easily. Once installed, the signal booster should function immediately.

The ease of setup means that a Vodafone signal booster can be used in a variety of settings, including houses, apartments, business premises, such as shops, cafes, and pubs, or even larger premises, such as hotels and factories. It is also worth noting that a variety of custom solutions can also be configured if you have commercial premises and need a bespoke system to meet your requirements.

There are different configurations of the signal booster to suit a wide range of property types. Smaller properties such as apartments and standard-sized houses will no doubt benefit from the entry-level Vodafone signal boosters. This is because the signal booster coverage will support up to 300sqm. For properties that are larger, signal boosters are available that can achieve 1000sqm, or even 5000sqm. If you require a booster for a very large premise, there are custom solutions available.

Another thing you will need to consider is the contention rate. Or the number of people that you envisage will be connecting to the indoor signal antenna. For smaller properties, a single antenna will usually suffice. However, if you want multiple people to be able to connect simultaneously, you will probably need to purchase additional internal antennas, especially if you have multiple large rooms. These can be easily added to the system by means of simple connections.


As a safe and reliable solution to significantly boost mobile signal strength, a Vodafone signal booster is a wise investment. For a relatively affordable price, a mobile signal booster can transform patchy one-bar phone reception into five-bars. It is no surprise therefore that signal boosters are becoming increasingly popular, especially in more remote locations.

In case you have difficulty choosing the right signal booster for Vodafone for your requirement you can always speak to our customer support team and they will help you select the right mobile signal booster for your use.

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