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The best signal booster is one that helps you solve your mobile signal problem and works for a long time. We sell the best signal booster in the country. We offer the best signal booster for Vodafone, Spark, Skinny, and 2 Degrees Networks.

Our mobile phone signal boosters come with a one-year manufacturer guarantee. We also offer Free Shipping in New Zealand and 30 Days money-back guarantee on all our products if you are not happy with the product performance.

In the last one and half decades of our operations in New Zealand we have sold over 12,000 units. We are proud that none of our customers have ever complained about our products our services.

All of these boosters work on both AC and DC connections. Also, you can use these devices in all weather conditions without fail.

Our signal boosters cover areas from 300 square meters up to 5000 square meters from a single unit. You can always buy multiple units if you need to cover more area.

In case you need any help in buying or using our products you can always contact our customer service team 24×7.  Now there is no reason left for you to suffer from poor mobile signal issues.

We want you to enjoy your mobile communication and mobile internet the way it should be. That’s why we bring you the widest range of boosters to help you choose the one best for you. Enjoy your communication without any interruption. Buy your signal booster today.

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