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A 4G Signal Booster Spark is your best bet if you are facing 4G signal issues on your Spark mobile.

Spark is one of the largest cellular service providers in New Zealand. It covers almost 98% of the total area in New Zealand. Millions of users use it as a cellular service provider. But, unfortunately, there are various areas where Spark mobile signal is very weak. Customers living or working in those areas find it difficult to get proper signal reception. And hence they need Spark Signal Booster to boost the signal strength and make good use of their mobile phones.

Spark provides its 4G signal on 700/1800 MHz frequency bands. Our Spark 4G Signal Boosters also work on this same frequency. So, our 4G boosters don’t interfere with other radio signals in the area. Hence, with our signal boosters, there is no security problem for any other equipment. Our signal boosters are completely legal to buy and use in New Zealand.

Based on your need, number of users, and area you want to cover you can choose a 4G Signal Booster Spark. We have 4G Signal Boosters that can cover areas from 300 Square Meters to 5000 Square Meters.

3oo Square meters signal booster supports six users. 5oo square meters support 10 users. 1000 square meters signal booster supports 25 users and 5000 square meters signal boosters support 250 users.

Do not struggle with poor signal reception issue. Buy a Spark 4G Signal Booster today and enjoy super fast 4G speed.

We offer free shipping on all our products in entire New Zealand. Also, we offer 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the performance of any of our products.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products please contact us.

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