how does a 4g booster work

How Does a 4G Booster Work

The acronym 4G designates the 4th generation which came after 2G and 3G. 4G is more perfect than those elders and lets you enjoy good mobile internet connection speed. Also, you have faster communication with good sound quality. With this fourth generation of mobile equipment, you will be happier. Where the 4G signal is not well received, you can use the 4G booster. So how does this one work? Discover the correct answers to this question in the following lines.

Why do you need a 4G booster?

Before enjoying 4G, you must first receive it on your phone. If you do not have its signal, you will obviously not be able to take advantage of it. Indeed, this 4G allows operators to easily transmit their signals on the same channel, which considerably reduces their production costs.

In the absence of the 4G signal for the consumers, they will not be able to benefit from the good connection offered by 4G. But, you can rejoice, because with 4G Booster you will be able to enjoy faster and stronger 4G signals.

This booster increases the 4G signal reception. This is a good option when you only have 4G with a very bad signal. The 4G signal booster will then pick up the bad signal outside and amplify it so that you have a stronger 4G signal inside your home. But, how does it actually work?

Operation of the 4G Booster 

To boost 4G signal the 4G signal booster works in a specific way. First, an antenna placed outside will receive the signal. Then this signal will be transmitted using coaxial cable to the amplifier itself. In addition, you must also install some relay antennas (internal antennas) inside your building where you need boosted 4G signal.

For this purpose, the outdoor antenna should be as high as possible in the direction of your relay antenna. Thus, as soon as the amplifier receives the signal, it will transmit it to the amplifier for boosting. The amplifier will enhance the signal strength and then it will transmit that to the internal antenna.

The internal antenna that is placed inside the building then broadcasts the boosted signal in the building. This is how you can enjoy a better 4G signal in your office, bedroom, living room, etc. With the 4G amplifier, you no longer need to go outside before using your smartphone. Finally, it conserves your battery more, because your phone will not use its signal search feature which drains the battery faster.

The choice of outdoor and indoor antenna 

In addition, taking into account the quality of reception on your site, you can choose a particular type of antenna. You then have the choice between the panel antenna and the directional 4G parabolic antenna. You can also choose the 4G Yagi Directional Outdoor Antenna as your outdoor antenna.

Regarding the indoor antenna, the choice can be made among others, the wall antenna or the ceiling antenna. You can also opt for the whip antenna. Each of these antennas has its strengths. With the ceiling antenna, for example, you can use it where there are false ceilings. These antennas will be connected through a coax cable. And the coax cables are very thin and can be run through the walls under the wall papers or electrical wire pipes.

Thus, 400 LMR coaxial cable will be almost invisible. You must also take into consideration your environment and your space to choosing your amplifier. That said, we will not choose an amplifier that can cover 300 m2 when you have an area of 1000 m2.

Installing a 4G Signal Booster

Installing the 4G signal booster is very easy. You can install them in less than 15 minutes. To install these signal boosters you don’t need any type of special tools or technical skills. Everything you need to install these signal boosters is delivered to you in the booster kit or purchased from us.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products please contact us.

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