best cell boosters for vodafone new zealand

Best Cell Boosters for Vodafone New Zealand

Before knowing about the best cell boosters for Vodafone New Zealand let’s first see a little background of Vodafone in New Zealand. Vodafone New Zealand is one of the three prominent network operators in New Zealand. It has been operating since 1998, formed in Auckland. It employs over 3,000 people from different cities in NZ. The company offers 3G, 4G, and 5G network services in several areas, covering almost 98.5% of the subscribers. It is owned by Brookfield Asset Management and Infratil. 

Being one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, Vodafone started to offer its network services in NZ. It has invested a huge amount to build its infrastructure and offer the users with a stable network.  Let’s have a brief look over its network services.

Network Services

Vodafone offers 2G GSM services at the following frequencies: 900MHz and 1800 MHz.  The 3G network operates at a frequency of 900 MHz and 2100 MHz. It delivers the UMTS/ 3G network in several parts of the country – urban as well as rural areas. It also ensures that you have a stable network while traveling on water. Vodafone offers a stable 3G network of 900MHz, i.e. your smartphone will have network coverage for around 120 kilometers traveling offshore. 

Vodafone 3G Services

The first 3G services in NZ  started back in 2005. In the rural areas, Vodafone installed a 900 MHz 3G service with its existing GSM service.  While offering the UMTS services, the company kept the 2G network as a backup. By 2014, Vodafone had introduced the 4G network in New Zealand. It operated at the following frequencies: 700 MHz (Band 28), 1800 MHz (Band 3), and 2600 MHz (Band 7) for 4G.

Vodafone 4G Services

It initially included 4G in the higher-level plans, considering it as an add-on. At present, the 4G LTE network connects more than 96% of the New Zealanders. It widely uses 1800MHz frequencies for utilizing an array of devices. When it comes to the 4G services, you will find it as a package deal. Vodafone’s 4G network offers speed, stability, reliability, and high-quality voice calls. The 4G voice/ LTE ensures that users can make quality and reliable voice calls anytime, anywhere.

With technology advancing, we have now stepped into the era of the 5th Generation of networks. Vodafone’s 5G network is live in selected areas across Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, and Christchurch. The 5G network is one of the fastest networks, x20 times faster than 4G. You can download an HD quality full movie in 2-3 minutes. It operates on about 23 GHz frequency. 

The 5G network has a reduced latency. You can expect an internet speed up to 20 Gbps depending on your network carrier. You can avail of the 5G network on a smartphone from Vodafone.

Mobile Phones that Support 5G

Let’s check a few smartphones which can be used to avail of Vodafone’s 5G services:

  • iPhone 12: The newly launched iPhone 12 lets you use the 5G network from Vodafone. It utilizes A 14 Bionic which is the fastest chip in the world. The dual-camera system is an additional feature, adding to the phone’s beauty. 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G: This smartphone is a perfect choice for all Android lovers. It offers you with a super-fast 5G connection. It has an all-day battery life and is a fast-charging model.
  • Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra 5G: This is also a part of the Samsung Family. It has a 6.9-inch state-of-the-art AMOLED 2X screen with a powerful camera clicking pictures at 108 megapixels. It is one of the best fits for operating 5G services.

Facing Cellular Network Problems?

Now,  we have a brief idea about Vodafone’s different network services – 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. There is always a possibility that you might face network issues or poor signals at your home/office. There can be several reasons for an unstable network connection. The material used for constructing your house may act as a barrier. Radio waves often find it difficult to pass through metal or concrete. Your smartphone may have some internal errors which are causing weak network signals.

You can try out some hacks to solve the network issue. These quick hacks may offer you a temporary solution but the network issues will come back. Mobile Boosters NZ offers you with a permanent solution for all your network problems. Get a quality Cell booster for Vodafone installed in your home/ office. The cell booster is a device that catches the weaker signals, amplifies it, and releases it into your home. It ensures you get a fast and stable network anytime, anywhere.

Why is Cell Booster for Vodafone an Ideal Solution?

Vodafone is known to offer one of the fastest network connections in rural as well as urban areas. But, users often find an unstable network connection at their homes and offices. This mostly happens when your nearest cell tower has more traffic. In such situations, a mobile booster is your best option. Let’s say, you have poor signals due to some other reasons. The mobile booster will still work for you. Think of it as a solution for almost every cellular network problem.

  • No more dropped calls
  • High-quality voice calls
  • Faster internet speed
  • High uplink and downlink power
  • Faster uploads and downloads
  • No stutter videos/buffering
  • High-resolution images

If you utilize network services from Vodafone, you can purchase a cell booster that is specifically designed to boost Vodafone’s network strength. You can opt for 3G cell boosters for Vodafone or 4G cell boosters for Vodafone, depending on your requirements. You just need to choose a Vodafone cell booster that can cover the area you want to cover at your home or office.

The installation process of the Vodafone cell booster is very simple. It takes less than 20 minutes to install and use it. You get an instruction manual with every cell signal booster we supply to help you with the installation. You can check our website to find the best mobile boosters available for Vodafone’s network. 

If you need any more assistance you can always get in touch with our customer support team.

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