benefits of cell phone signal repeaters

Benefits of Cell Phone Signal Repeaters

Cell phone signal repeaters are devices that turn a weak cellular signal into a strong one. But did you know that these devices come with a few other, less obvious, benefits? You probably didn’t know it but cell phone signal repeaters are beneficial for your’s and a phone’s health alike. You don’t believe it? Then make sure to check out some interesting facts we posted below.

Benefit from Crystal Clear Voice Calls

Not only do cellular repeaters make signals stronger but also better. Even if your phone doesn’t drop calls, poor reception tends to come with noise, distortion, interruption, and other nuisances. If you hear an echo while talking to somebody on the phone, or you can’t hear your caller, or they can’t hear you, all these are consequences of poor service.

However, if you care to install a signal booster, it will remove all these issues in one fell swoop. This device draws the signals from the outside, where the reception is always better (i.e. it comes with less digital noise). Then it will enhance the signals making them unlikely to fade away or disappear. As a result, you can achieve much clearer and stable voice calls.

Improve Connectivity

Poor cellular service affects not only voice calls but also mobile internet. You won’t enjoy your connectivity if reception goes off and off.

It takes time to reconnect, the data transfer speed will drop substantially (while the 4G network is down, your phone will utilize 3G, which is clearly slower), you may run into an error while downloading or uploading something – this is just the shortest list of issues associated with a subpar connection. Thankfully, all these problems are solvable courtesy of a signal booster.

Reduce Radiation

In addition to providing a consistent cellular signal, cell phone signal repeaters reduce the level of radiofrequency radiation coming from cell phones and other mobile devices. You probably know that every phone is a source of radiofrequency energy (aka non-ionizing radiation).

The weaker the incoming signal from a base station, the higher the level of radiofrequency that a phone emits in an attempt to capture a transmission. If reception is poor, a phone’s electromagnetic radiation may reach 1.5-2 W. Compare it with repeater’s radiation of about 0.2 W, which is 10 times lower!

After you install a cell phone signal repeater, poor reception will be off the table. This means that your phone won’t have to try too hard to find a signal; hence, the radiation it gives off will dramatically decrease (down to 0.02 watts).

It is a no-brainer to calculate that the total level of radiation within the phone-booster system will be significantly lower than in the phone itself when it struggles to find a signal.

On top of that, when we talk on the phone, we keep it close to the head meaning we expose ourselves to all the radiation it emits.

However, if we use a cell phone signal repeater, we are at least a few steps away from it, i.e. we are exposed to weaker radiation.

The bottom line is that cell phone signal boosters reduce the negative impact of radiation emitted by cell phones other mobile devices.

Prolong Battery Life

When your phone struggles to capture a cellular signal, it drains its battery. Not only will it spend energy on increasing the level of radiofrequency but also on switching between networks.

If for some reason 4G connection dies out, your phone will connect to the available 3G network. As soon as 4G shows the signs of life, it will utilize it again. Your phone will go back and forth perpetually while the reception is unstable, thus running out of juice faster.

A cell phone signal repeater will make your digital life smooth for sure. You will always remain connected to the world with its help.

On the other hand, when a signal is nice and strong, your phone won’t have to push itself forward. Its energy will last longer in this mode. So, a cell phone amplifier and its ability to stabilize and enhance a cellular signal lend itself well to prolonging your phone’s battery life.

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