are mobile phone signal boosters legal in new zealand

Are Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Legal in New Zealand

Since you wanted to know whether Mobile Phone Signal Boosters are legal or illegal in New Zealand, we have created this post for you to understand whether using mobile phone repeaters is legal or illegal. Keep reading to know your answer.

A weak signal is ubiquitous in New Zealand, especially in establishments away from the network service provider. Causes of a poor signal vary depending on your location, the construction material of your building, and sometimes the natural barriers available.

If your business encounters such a problem, you risk losing your clients or customers. Since they may not put up with a weak signal while there are other companies (your competitors) with fast services and better cell phone reception. This begs for a need to fix the issue before it’s too late.
Getting and installing mobile phone repeaters can solve the problem. However, before you choose to acquire one, you should first find out the legality in New Zealand. This article will help you find all the information you need.

Solutions for a Poor Signal

Mobile Phone Signal boosters, or repeaters, or amplifiers, or enhancers, fall under the same group with radio apparatus. That’s why they are strictly regulated and considered unlawful to use unless you do it according to the Radio Spectrum Management Guidelines. Radio Spectrum Management is the government body tasked with the responsibility to license users of repeaters.

To use a mobile repeater without a license puts you at risk of getting prosecuted according to the 2018 Act and a hefty fine that could be imposed on you. It is too risky and not worth trying.

However, all is not lost; you can still find a solution to boost phone signal on your business premises. Mobile Booster is one of the legal solutions, which offers signal amplification without breaking the law.

Experts believe that the weak phone signal is an increasing problem and will not cease anytime soon. The reasons are many like the current construction materials. Also, mobile users are not going to decrease, and investors will continue relying on them for business. No current technology can replace mobile technology and, hence, the need to boost your signal.

Mobile Booster New Zealand has a solution for people looking for phone repeaters in New Zealand. The mobile phone repeaters can meet the needs of a building not exceeding 5000 m² as it uses the most advanced technology to provide a 3G signal and 4G signal for all mobile networks in New Zealand.


If you live in a weak signal area, you can use mobile phone signal boosters legal in New Zealand. And they will certainly change the quality of your phone reception instantly. Regardless of the size of your business, you now have a way to keep your cell phone coverage strong all the time.

This means every business can run smoothly and grow thanks to improved coverage. Mobile users in rural areas or anyone driving far from a network tower can also enjoy a strong mobile signal. The mobile phone repeaters completely meet New Zealand’s technology standards.

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