6 things you need to know about mobile phone signal boosters

6 Essential Things You Need to Know About Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Mobile signal booster

Undoubtedly, cellphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, smartphones are like an extension of ourselves. An important phone call. A new urgent email. A new Twitter notification. The app that tells us the weather conditions of the day. There’s always another new reason to pick up our phones, as they can do so much.

Today, the importance of having a good mobile network coverage for voice and data is essential for daily living. Unfortunately, the coverage can not always get into certain areas due to obstacles interfering. For example, when you’re inside a tin cladded building, in a basement or even outside in your garden. And as a result, you are unable to keep a phone conversation without experiencing a dropped call or a weak 3G/4G signal.

We truly know, there is nothing more frustrating than not to be able to reach people we need or to get online. Therefore, www.mobilebooster.co.nz wants to tell you 6 basic things you need to know about mobile phone signal booster that will help you to solve that annoying problem with your phone signal coverage.

1. How does a mobile phone signal booster work?

A mobile signal booster works by taking the existing signal from cell towers via an antenna, which is amplified by the powered booster. Then, the internal antenna pushes out a full-strength mobile signal.

It’s important for you to have a signal outside of the building you want to install the booster. ? You can measure your outside signal with a field test mode on your mobile handset. Check in the settings or manual for this function or simply check using the bars on the phone as an indicator.

2. How much coverage area do you need?

Finding out how much coverage area the booster can provide is determined on the model you purchase. There are many options: from a small studio to a hotel.

Factors such as construction materials in the building or any nearby obstacles may be the cause that is obstructing to receive a clear signal. For this reason, we always suggest you get the most powerful booster if you have thick walls in the way.

3. How many antennas a mobile phone signal booster have?

Mobile signal booster

A mobile phone signal booster comes with a directional antenna which is part of the outdoor installation and an Omni directional antenna that boosts the signal in all directions and is installed indoors. If you have a weak 1 to 3 bars of signal, you may need to upgrade the external directional antenna to a Yagi antenna so the signal can be strong.

4. Cables?

Make sure you install the booster with the best quality cable. If you have a weak signal intake, the best cable to use is an LMR400 low loss coaxial. This one has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular to prevent little loss of the signal and guarantee a great performance.

5. How to Install a Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

Mobile signal booster

All the boosters should come with an instruction manual that explains the installation process step by step. Usually, the process is very easy and simple. Its complexity depends on where you will install it or whether the installation is indoor or outdoor. In either case, if you have not experienced this technology and the use of power tools, you should be thinking about asking for some help to install the equipment for you.

6. Product Support

Make sure the seller offers a 1-year warranty for the device. Regarding www.mobilebooster.co.nz, we give our clients express shipping on all mobile repeaters, 1-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, full technical support via phone call, email, and live chat.

“Users have reported their plugs melting causing fire, so clearly they have no safety measures in place”

Be aware and take your time finding a good mobile signal booster retailer with a good reputation. There are many cheap mobile phone signal boosters in the market which usually work for the first couple of months. These mobile phone signal boosters have not CE markings and not been tested. And users have reported their plugs melting causing fire, so clearly they have not a safety measure. For these reasons, you would rather avoid buying those.

Now that you know 6 essential things about mobile phone signal boosters, you may have realized you also want one. So, feel free to explore our website or contact us. We will gladly provide you any information you need.

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